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Who we are

Blueshoe is a young, Munich-based digital agency founded in 2014 by Michael, Robert and Hannes, which specialises in cloud-native web development and consulting.

Our working approach is very service-oriented and goal-focused.

We are passionate about the ‘big chunks’ – more complexity means more excitement!

We love open source and are contributing to the future of cloud-native development. Therefore, we also supply our own solutions to the open-source community (Unikube, Django Hurricane etc.).

We are 100% flexible to any situation. We love new challenges and tackle them with excitement. We like to ponder, to plan and to solve every task you throw at us, and we thrive in finding the best solutions for our customers.

The future of Blueshoe

Our Mission

We enable teams to create innovative digital solutions efficiently, continuously securing the technological pole position.

Our Vision

  • All future applications will be developed for and with Kubernetes
  • Every developer is enabled to develop with a cloud first approach
  • The cloud first approach will become the standard of every IT strategy
  • We foster an exemplary collaboration between development and operations teams

Our values



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