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Gain competitive advantage with a cloud native strategy

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Your Skilled Team of Cloud Native Consultants

Blueshoe builds and optimizes your cloud native strategy so your teams and business run smoothly.

Goodbye, friction. Hello, cloud native transformation.

Without the right system in place, the cloud native development process can be onerous and error-prone.

A cloud native model gives your teams more flexibility, resiliency, and scalability than legacy or hybrid models.

Our team are Kubernetes experts who can build and implement a go-to-cloud-native strategy specific to your business. That means easier deployments, more secure features in production, and efficient dev teams.

The benefits of a robust team at a fraction of the cost.

Blueshoe’s cloud native consultants allow your business to reap the rewards of well-staffed, expert Kubernetes developers and strategic infrastructure experts without having to hire and manage them yourself.

We’ll even train your internal teams to set you up for long-term success.

The advantages of your cloud transformation

The cloud native advantage

Blueshoe builds your DevOps processes and tools to position yourself to gain a competitive advantage. Here’s how we help your enterprise succeed with its cloud transformation.

Cloud native development for any need

Our experts are well-versed in infrastructure complexity. Let us manage that so your teams can focus on building your product.

The cloud native business case

Cloud native isn’t solely a technical solution; it’s a business consideration that affects every team from product and IT to finance and operations.


TftC - E2: Remote Kubernetes development environments

In the second edition of our podcast "Tools for the Craft - Navigating the Kubernetes ecosystem" Michael and Robert talk about the various options developers have for remote K8s development and will show some real life examples.

More editions of our podcast can be found here:

Cloud-native projects

Setting up our customer projects according to the cloud-native approach helps us to develop complex systems quickly and efficiently and to implement short, efficient release cycles. The following projects are a small excerpt from our past cloudnative projects.

  • Fondsfinanz - Automation Hub

    fonds finanz
    Django CMS | Redis | Bootstrap | VueJS | Docker | Kubernetes

    Infrastructure for automated seminar and webinar management. Including consent management, connection to existing systems and interfaces to external applications such as Go2Webinar.

  • Digitalisation and strengthening of the brand

    Django | Python | Hubspot

    We developed a digital strategy with a focus on search engine optimisation for the Swiss designer of covering materials Winter & Company. Furthermore, we positioned the brand with potential new customers not having known the company so far.

  • Secret Projects

    Cloud-native development

    Pssst! We have already worked in the field of cloud-native for a well-known car manufacturer. For some other clients as well. If you want to know more, just give us a call!



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