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Why do we trust in Python and Django?

Developing good web applications poses a new challenge time and time again. In the front end, the application has to be responsive while in the back end, the code needs to be implemented in a structured, readable and maintainable manner. At the same time, you’re facing individual client wishes and requests. New possibilities and technologies change rapidly. Flexibility and extensibility are therefore major topics when it comes to software development – just as important as data security.

Our agency for cloud native development in Munich helps you to meet these standards and to implement individual wishes. Unlike many of our competitors, however, we don’t rely on PHP when implementing our projects. Instead, we trust in the programming language Python and the web framework Django. These two technologies are much better suited to solid and future-oriented software.


The problem with PHP

Even if PHP has so far been used a fair bit as a programming language for web applications, its popularity has been decreasing for a few years now. PHP currently still has quite a large market share and this can be primarily explained by two factors: it’s fairly cheap and has been used for server-side implementations for a long time. For all its maturity, therein lies one of PHP’s biggest flaws: the language wasn’t designed well and resembles an accumulation of functions rather than a well-thought-out concept.

As a result, working with PHP requires fairly little training comparatively, but the maintenance costs are all the higher. Applications that can be flexibly adjusted to new trends and are extensible at the same time, can therefore not be implemented anymore in this way. That’s why Blueshoe trusts in a different programming language – namely, Python.

The benefits of Django and Python

Programming in Python

Programming in Python

For the development of software, Python is the better option. This language is efficient, fast and allows for a modular structure. Python’s syntax is based on indentations rather than curly brackets. This forces the developer to structure the code, which, in turn, guarantees good readability. And once the code is easier to read, maintenance costs are reduced, programming errors can be found and removed more quickly and new developers can be trained in less time.

The django Framework

The django Framework

One of Django’s development goals is the fast implementation of data models through object-relational mapping (ORM) and a flexible web design using HTML templates. Django prevents various different risks and attack strategies like cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting or SQL injection. With other languages and frameworks, programmers have to sort out this protection themselves. Particularly in larger projects, this can quickly lead to security gaps and an enormous amount of additional work.

Quick summary

Well-known web applications like Instagram and Pinterest were created using Django. Due to the large community, there is also a large pool of useful packages available (more than 3000) to speed up the development of new features significantly. What’s more, the helpfulness and friendliness among the community members is simply unique.

Why are Blueshoe your experts for Python and Django?

You see, there’s a reason why our agency uses Python and Django for development of web applications. Thanks to the broad range of functions and the short development period, greater flexibility and extensibility can be guaranteed – and that’s what clients expect nowadays.

When developing software, it’s important to get support from an experienced partner. It’s the only way to optimally utilise the many benefits that Python and Django offer. Our agency in Munich supports you by applying Django’s functions efficiently and by integrating them into your web application. No matter the size of your project, we are your constant advisor and consult you throughout the journey – from concept to implementation and all the way to the maintenance of your website. It’s how we create sustainable software together.

Our projects with Python and Django

These are projects for which we used Python and Django. If you’d like to find out more about our projects, feel free to get in touch.


Azure | Django | Docker | Harbor | Keycloak | Kubernetes | Managed Kubernetes | Microservices | Nginx | PostgreSQL | RabbitMQ | Redis

We build an internal quotation platform for Maurer which runs on top of Kubernetes and includes a staging and a production environments. The application is neatly integrated into Maurers application landscape to ease further development efforts.

Augsburg University

uni augsburg logo
Django CMS | Bootstrap | Solr | Django | Nginx | JavaScript | PostgreSQL | Python | Varnish

We built the new website for Augsburg University. Included login for students, complex rights management and a display of the different faculties. The website integrates with other services that are provided the University.

Mehr erfahren

Allgäu GmbH - Partner platform

Allgäu Kundenreferenz
django | Python

Platform for verifying brand partners of Allgäu GmbH using administrable questionnaires.

To the platform

Ofa Bamberg

Django | Docker | Django CMS | Hetzner | Bootstrap | JavaScript | HubSpot | Kubernetes | Microservices | Nginx | PostgreSQL | Python | RabbitMQ | Solr | Varnish | VueJS

For Ofa we are building and maintaining a bunch of applications and websites which are all running in a microservice based Kubernetes setup and are all integrated into each other. We keep developing new features and applications for Ofa and are creating the digital future of the company.

To the website

Winter & Company

Python | Django | Wagtail CMS | Kubernetes | Oscar Commerce | Microservices | Keycloak

Technical relaunch of the website running on a service based Kubernetes infrastructure. Included customer login (with keycloak) and a comprehensive product finder.

Zur Website

Our approach

Those who want to develop excellent software have to do a lot of things right. And this fundamentally requires a plan. Our development philosophy reflects what we have learnt in both smaller and very large projects – and our clients appreciate our commitment for every project.

We don’t regard ourselves as simple yeasayers and therefore don’t just implement. We want to actively help you to achieve the best possible results for your endeavours. In web development, the tendency is to deal with small problems by using complex methods of resolution. People tend to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. That’s not our way. We love pragmatism.

We know that requirements can change during the development process and that a sudden change of direction may sometimes be necessary. We want the final result to comply with your vision in every detail. That’s why we work transparently, do frequent checks and discuss regularly.


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