Why do you need a cloud application development agency?

As your cloud application development agency, we strongly believe in the benefits of cloud applications that enable you to make your applications more reliable, scalable and manageable - all while reducing overall costs. We see cloud applications as an opportunity that allows you to focus on your product, service or idea. Why spend your time on technical details that have already been solved and optimized by others? Instead, we help you to take full advantage of cloud applications.


What are cloud applications?

Cloud applications are software components that are at least partially deployed in a cloud environment and are generally accessed primarily over the Internet. When developing and deploying cloud applications, you're not forced to expose your applications to everyone on the internet. Depending on your security and infrastructure needs, you can choose to have more or less control over the used infrastructure/hardware by deciding for private, public, hybrid or even multi-cloud solutions. Furthermore, proven authentication and authorization solutions allow you to control access to applications as you wish and require.

For most organizations and applications, the public cloud is the solution of choice, no matter whether the application is to be used internally, externally, or both. Known cloud providers, such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Hetzner offer flexible storage capabilities, computing power, networking capabilities and many additional services at low rates. You can scale as you require. Even if your company policies or regulations prohibit the usage of services of these companies, there are often alternative cloud providers which match your requirements.

Cloud-native application development vs. standard application development

The advantages of cloud-native applications over standard applications are founded by the usage of the cloud as well as the approach of application development itself. Check out the following article, to learn more about the evolution of application development.

Advantages of the cloud approach


Cost Reduction:

Especially when using public cloud providers, you only pay for what you use - basically you rent your infrastructure. Thus, cloud applications require minimal or no upfront investment in IT infrastructure. You are free of having to purchase and maintain any hardware related equipment. No servers, no administration, no power consumption, air conditioning, upgrades, defects or any operation related costs.


You can easily and fast scale your cloud applications up or down in response to changed user demand. Again, you can rely on your cloud provider to handle the infrastructure. You simply have to request more compute power, which often is available within minutes. It can even be possible to automatically scale your cloud applications depending on resource usage.


Cloud providers are experts in managing infrastructure. They have more cloud resources and expertise available than most companies. They achieve high reliability and uptime which would be hard to match by maintaining similar resources on-site.

Advantages of cloud-native applications

Cloud Native Development.svg
Cloud Native Development.svg


Cloud applications can rely on computing power and storage capacity within the cloud. They can even be built to consume very little computing power and almost no storage space on a local device. Thus, you can provide cloud applications which might have resource requirements which are exceeding resources available by most users. All the heavy lifting is done remotely.

Software updates:

As cloud applications do not require local installations, they can be updated whenever you have new features or bug fixes. Hereby users might not even realize that you have rolled out a new verson, since they do not have to manually confirm updates or wait for them to finish. You can drastically increase the release cycle of your applications. Yes, you can release new versions several times a day.

Application development by blueshoe

As your custom software development agency, we specialize in providing custom-made software solutions that perfectly solve your use case. We will not hesitate to suggest the use of standard solutions when possible. However, experience shows that these are often not the right solution for a particular problem or especially for your future vision for your application. When developing applications for you, we remain agile, delivering incremental progress and staying in constant communication with you. With our experience and expertise in cloud application development, we deliver solutions that can be deployed directly into the cloud. In fact, we often strive to develop applications directly in the cloud or in cloud-like configurations to ensure functionality and compatibility. Contact us for more information on our approach.

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Choose the right cloud-native tools

Choosing the right cloud-native technologies and tools is important to unlock the full potential of cloud application development and maintenance. Therefore, you need to understand the underlying technologies so you can choose the best technology stack for your company.

How do you

Especially when transitioning to cloud application development, choosing the right tools can be difficult.

Workflow automation

Automate! Automate! Automate your workflows! We do not like to perform tedious, time consuming tasks over and over again. Thus, we automate our cloud workflow as much as feasible. By doing so, we increase efficiency, productivity, security, and more.

Basics of our cloud-native approach

Truly convinced by the future of cloud-native development, we have decided to only develop cloud-native. We went one step further and embedded cloud-native within our company’s vision. All the applications we build, we develop with Kubernetes. Each of our developers is familiar with cloud-native application development and implements it on a daily basis. We think cloud-first!

Overall, we see the cloud-native approach as an optimal way to develop, customize and deploy web applications faster, with customer satisfaction at heart. We are looking forward to advising you on cloud-native matters, providing 24/7 support for your cloud architecture as well as the associated applications, and are open to share our knowledge and experience.


Cloud-native projects

Setting up our customer projects according to the cloud-native approach helps us to develop complex systems quickly and efficiently and to implement short, efficient release cycles. The following projects are a small excerpt from our past cloudnative projects.


Manage Kubernetes (AKS) | Azure | Harbor | Keycloak | Django | Azure Active Directory

Building of Kubernetes platform with a staging and a production environment. Installation of a central login and of required support applications to enable internal and external development teams to deliver highly specialized software products.

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Fondsfinanz - Automation Hub

fondsfinanz kundenreferenz
Django CMS | Redis | VueJS | Docker | Manage Kubernetes (AKS) | Amazon Web Services | Aurora DB | Amazon S3 | RabbitMQ

Infrastructure for automated seminar and webinar management. Including consent management, connection to existing systems and interfaces to external applications such as Go2Webinar. Service based architecture running on top of Kubernetes

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Winter & Company

Django | Wagtail CMS | Oscar | Manage Kubernetes (GKE) | Microservices | Google Cloud | Keycloak | Cloud Build

Technical re-development of the website and implementation of a e-commerce backend for administration of the product catalogue for simple sample ordering, a product selector and a product configurator.

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Ofa Bamberg

Kubernetes | Microservices | Django | Hetzner | Varnish | PostgreSQL | Solr

Kubernetes migration of the whole application landscape including the website, the retailer portal and the online shop resulting in a more secure and stable of the whole landscape.

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Secret Projects

Cloud-native development

Pssst! We have already worked in the field of cloud-native for a well-known car manufacturer. For some other clients as well. If you want to know more, just give us a call!

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