Simplify choosing your cloud provider

The cloud infrastructure that works for one organization likely won’t work for another—each organization is too unique in their needs and processes.

Blueshoe understands your business, analyzes your needs, makes recommendations for providers, helps integrate a development process, and migrates your applications to the cloud.

Cloud migration without headaches

There’s rarely a perfect provider match when migrating to the cloud or Kubernetes. We’ll help you sift through all providers and assess their different benefits and features. Blueshoe has many years of experience with complex architectures and infrastructures, cloud migration, cloud security, and optimizing development processes. Here’s how we determine the tools that will best suit your needs—then turn that determination into a reality.

Infrastructure & architecture analysis

Infrastructure & architecture analysis

  • Location: Is your business or data subject to certain geographic compliance laws like GDPR?
  • Compliance: Is your business subject to compliance standards (i.e. HIPAA, ISO) that necessitate providers that also meet those standards? We’ll narrow down which providers excel in different security standards
  • Security: How does a provider implement security measures like access controls, authentication, identity management, and where data is stored and/or processed?
  • Availability: Which providers consistently deliver on 99.9%+ availability?
  • Reliability: How quickly does a provider rectify downtime?
  • Certifications: Does a provider come with certifications from the organizations most relevant to your needs?

Unbiased expertise

Unbiased expertise

We don’t have a vested interest in selecting certain providers. We’re a neutral, unbiased resource with only your best interests at the forefront.

We don’t make the choice for you; we collate all our research and present it to your teams so you can decide which cloud infrastructure providers make the most sense for you. Blueshoe will be with you through the whole process to answer your questions.

Assemble provider decision tree

Assemble provider decision tree

To make life easier for you, we provide you with a comprehensive decision tree as a visual representation of the possible outcomes of your decision. It allows you to quickly identify the best option based on your criteria, and it can be used to evaluate multiple providers and compare different options. Additionally, it will help to identify potential risks and opportunities associated with each option.

Set you up for the future

Set you up for the future

Our goal is to set you up for future application development, so we’ll take growth and change into account in the development process.

Integrate the development process into chosen providers

Integrate the development process into chosen providers

Once you’ve made your provider decisions, we’ll map out a development process that will ensure there are no last-minute emergencies when the migration deploys.

Migrate your applications to the cloud

Migrate your applications to the cloud

Based on the development process, we’ll work with your teams to set everything up and see the migration through to the end.

What is cloud infrastructure?

Cloud infrastructure is all the components needed to build and operate a cloud. Components include:

  • Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Network
  • Hardware

Why cloud infrastructure is important for business growth

  • With the right cloud services provider, your teams and business can:
  • Save on costs
  • Scale up IT resources quickly and cost effectively
  • Enhance your security
  • Harness valuable data insights
  • Backup data automatically and recover from disasters faster
  • Gain a competitive edge


Choosing the best cloud infrastructure

It’s important to note first that the “best” cloud infrastructure for your organization will be unique. What your competitor uses likely won’t be exactly the same as what you need. (You don’t even know if their infrastructure is working for them or not!)

Here are key factors in considering a cloud service provider. These are all factors that Blueshoe considers when putting together recommendations and a decision tree:

When should I choose a cloud provider?

Ensuring your cloud provider relationship will be beneficial to your business will require a lot of forethought and planning. There are seemingly endless aspects to consider, and Blueshoe’s experience in helping businesses plan and implement a cloud migration ensures these aspects are never overlooked.

Before you start looking at cloud providers, have a checklist of your requirements, not the features that cloud providers say are important. When you can compare against your own business benchmarks and requirements, it’s easier to select the best cloud provider for your needs.


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