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If you find yourself lost in the perplexing labyrinth of Kubernetes development, fear not, for there are tools to guide you through. 'Tools for the craft: navigating the Kubernetes ecosystem' is a podcast that shines a light on the path ahead, illuminating the twists and turns of this complex ecosystem. Let us help you find your way and emerge victorious in your development journey.

Tools for the craft: Navigating the Kubernetes ecosystem

E2: Remote Kubernetes development environments

This edition's subject: What can a remote Kubernetes development environment look like?

  • Why is remote Kubernetes development a good idea?
  • Shared vs. dedicated remote Kubernetes clusters
  • Demo time Getdeck Beiboot:

Tools for the craft: Navigating the Kubernetes ecosystem

E1: Local Kubernetes development environments

This episode's big subject: What can a (local) Kubernetes development look like? Tools used in the show:

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