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Close your cloud security gaps

The right cloud-native security solutions are frictionless, minimize your vulnerabilities, and scale with your business. Blueshoe helps you devise and implement a cloud security strategy that fits with your software development life cycle.

Cloud-native security that fits your business

Blueshoe has many years of experience with complex architecture, cloud computing security, and optimizing development processes. Here’s how we help you get the functionality you need while prioritizing cloud security.


Cloud-native application security, even in development

The right tools can help your teams shift left and build security into applications by:

  • Providing deep visibility for your Security, Development, and IT teams
  • Automatically remediating vulnerabilities before they even get to production
  • Preventing misconfigurations
  • Detect and remediate threats
  • Ensure security across hybrid cloud environments

Many of Blueshoe’s strategies and implementations center around:

  • Robust authentication, role management, and access control
  • Security configurations around file and directory protection
  • Removing default or temporary accounts
  • Updating native cloud security protocols
  • Maintaining digital certificates
  • Automated audit trails and logs
  • QA and testing

What is cloud-native security?

When you have cloud applications working together, it’s easy to overlook policy misconfigurations. Simple misconfiguration can leave your organization with vulnerabilities not easily detectable by automation or tooling.

Cloud security is a comprehensive set of technology, methodology, and procedures that tackle internal and external threats to your organization’s security. Top cloud providers have gone to great lengths to ensure cloud application security by default. Most cloud security gaps occur when customers are not implementing adequate security across their own policies and practices.

Why is cloud security important?

Cloud security ensures your data—and your customers’ data—is not accessible to unauthorized users. If your business is subject to compliance programs like the GDPR, SOC 2, or HIPAA, cloud security is crucial to maintaining your compliance status, avoiding large fines, and being able to do business at all.

What does a secure cloud environment look like?

Security in cloud computing has a few important pillars:


Indicators of secure, reliable cloud providers

Searching for reliable cloud providers on your own is a lengthy process. Blueshoe has vetted hundreds of cloud providers so businesses know that any provider recommendations are reliable and secure. Here are important metrics and indicators to assess:


Cloud security services and cloud migration

Stay secure when migrating to the cloud

Migrating from legacy systems to the cloud does come with some security risks. Here are some of the key considerations for your cloud migration strategy:

  • Learn how or if you can refactor applications instead of hastily rehosting
  • Ensure your company’s security policies are appropriate for a cloud environment
  • Brush up on data residency requirements and data privacy laws in every relevant country
  • Select a provider that will encrypt your data at rest and in transit
  • Plan for monitoring tools for your infrastructure, platform and software as a service environments
  • Consider vulnerability management tools for end-host operating systems, container, and serverless services
  • Confirm that your intended cloud service provider will support required compliance standards and ensure cloud workloads, data, and access are secure
  • Back up your data in case you encounter errors during data transfer

These are just some of the considerations organizations face when migrating to the cloud. Blueshoe has helped numerous organizations through this process. We can lead you through every stage of planning and implementation to ensure your cloud migration is a technical and business success.

Let us help you be safe

Interested in assessing your cloud security risks and closing your security gaps? Let’s talk.

Cloud-native projects

Setting up our customer projects according to the cloud-native approach helps us to develop complex systems quickly and efficiently and to implement short, efficient release cycles. The following projects are a small excerpt from our past cloudnative projects.


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