Job Description: Software Architect


Blueshoe's software architects speak two languages: customer requirements and technical solutions. Your main job is to translate between these in either direction. A software architect creates software concepts for long-lasting and rock-solid products from functional and non-functional requirements. Software architects are crucial for the customer’s success. Your output describes precisely what software engineers are going to realize. You can explain the results and positively impact all aspects of the development process.

Functions you contribute to

Function: Software Architecting

Software architecting is an ongoing function: before and during a product's development and maintenance phase. Therefore, a software architect is important in all product life cycle stages.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • You conduct customer meetings (you speak with customers on a non-technical level)
  • You understand the business model and context of our customer
  • You are willing to change the perspective of the customer to create the most valuable solution
  • You create a software solution that meets the requirements precisely but without additional interpretation
    • Make software design decisions
    • Select appropriate dependencies (based on popularity, trustworthiness, value/risk assessment, conformance, and others)
    • Make sure we stay on time and in budget with the concept draft
  • You translate a software concept into a roadmap with work packages for our software engineering team
    • Holding the right amount of context
    • Actionable and isolated work packages (not on a detail level)
    • Testing criterions
    • Relation to the business requirements
  • You coach the software engineering team with technical input
  • You lead the technical discussions within the engineering teams
    • Identify technical road blockers and help overcome them
    • Identify opportunities (about skill, standards, development, business improvements)
    • Make sure all team members take part in the discussions

Function: Practice Development

Practice development is an interdisciplinary function that flows orthogonal to the operational work. We regularly intersect technical and non-technical aspects of product development to create and adapt standard procedures within our teams.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • You coach teams to deliver the best possible output
  • You define technical and non-technical standards for our product development and maintenance work
    • Standard software development procedures
    • Standard general-purpose software components (especially for recurring requirements)
    • Standard maintenance work items
    • Monitoring
    • Planning and assignment of tasks
  • You pass on information to our team members
    • Find an appropriate form for documentation and presentation
    • Collect feedback from team members
    • Be ready for Q&A
  • You can explain our standards to new and existing team members
  • You emphasize Blueshoe’s best practices and rule out anti-patterns
    • Regularly check in with project teams
    • Supervise the development of critical components
  • You address issues in the project management, especially with
    • Poor Tickets (low ability to execute, poor planning, missing input or requirements)
    • A mismatch between staffing and required skill
    • Documentation
  • You actively gatekeep projects between the realization and ongoing maintenance phase


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