We transform code monoliths

Faster development and easier maintenance through service architectures

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The Code Monolith Monster

Built an application 10 years ago that is now a code monolith monster? Every feature development now takes forever. The code is so old that none of the original team members are around anymore. And every bug fix is like playing Whack-a-Mole?

We know and can fix that. We transform your monolith into a service architecture and prepare you for the future.

Benefits of transforming from monolith to service architecture

  • Better maintainability and more stable systems
  • Faster development and addition of features
  • Faster onboarding for new developers
  • Less frustration for business departments and developers


Examples of projects with service architecture

Wondering what websites developed with the headless approach look like? Well, here are some examples.


Why is Blueshoe your expert for the path to service architecture?

We are fans of flexible solutions - we want to quickly launch new features and build systems that don't turn bug fixing into a nightmare. We have learned this the hard way and paid a lot of tuition. We now know what a system looks like that can be developed well, thanks to our extensive experience from many projects. We have migrated many legacy systems, including very large ones, to modern architectures. Therefore, we come with a lot of experience and a strong desire to dust off older projects and make them fit for the coming years.




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