Wagtail CMS, the headless CMS

What do Google, NASA and BMW have in common? The Wagtail CMS!

Headless is simply fun

What are the benefits of Wagtail CMS?

Open-source CMS & modern user interface

Open-source CMS & modern user interface

The open-source CMS Wagtail would probably not exist if it weren’t for Python and Django. Wagtail is heavily focused on progress and is constantly being optimised. Even Google works with Wagtail. You currently simply cannot get a more modern CMS.

Speed, creativity & progress

Speed, creativity & progress

Wagtail is just as attractive to developers as it is to authors. What’s more, the respective website’s end consumer receives the best possible experience, because thanks to Wagtail, the front-end designer can express their creativity to the fullest. Additionally, thanks to the ‘headless approach’, there are almost no loading times.

That’s why we love Wagtail CMS

  • Elegant user interface (for web authors)
  • Control over front-end design and structure
  • High scalability
  • Cache-friendly
  • Content API for ‘headless’ websites
  • Powerful search functionality (via Elasticsearch or PostgreSQL)
  • Excellent content embedding
  • Ready for multilingual websites
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Why is Blueshoe your expert for Wagtail CMS?

Python & django = Blueshoe

Python & django = Blueshoe

Wagtail is based on the Django framework and therefore also on Python as the programming language – both of which we work with the most. Python and Django are the heart of our software development. And this is where our expertise lies.

Three strong arguments: flex, flex, flex

Three strong arguments: flex, flex, flex

We love Django CMS for its flexibility – and Wagtail is just as flexible. With Wagtail, headless architecture and a static site approach are easy to implement. And that’s just how we like it.

Successful projects with Wagtail

This is where we use Wagtail CMS. If you’d like to find out more about our projects, feel free to contact us.

Allianz - Global Benefits

Allianz Kundenreferenz
Wagtail CMS | Open Shift | Django | Python

Wagtail-based platform for clients of Allianz Global Benefits. Client accounts, document management, rights management.

Zur Allianz

Digital Learning Lab - TU Hamburg

TU Hamburg Logo png
Django | Python | Wagtail | Docker | Kubernetes

Platform for the digital creation of teaching materials. Teachers and lecturers from all over Germany can use digital tools and teaching materials for their own (distance learning) classes.

Zum Digital Learning Lab

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